Pastors Grete and Flemming Petterson Fredericia City Church, Denmark
Written by Ella Koya   
Wednesday, 04 December 2013

 Ella Onakoya is very devoted and committed to the calling as a minister and preacher of the Word of God in order to see Non-Christians saved and to see Christians being empowered and growing in their service for the Lord.  Ella is very determined to see people’s lives been changed by receiving and following the Word of God and thereby growing as true disciples of the Lord. By preaching the Word and by ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit she is a true vessel used by God to impact not only Christian people by also Non-Christians.  Ella was a real blessing to us a church when she came to minister at our church in Denmark in November 20th and 21st 2010. We are looking forward to future opportunities to serve together with Ella anytime and anywhere as the Lord opens the doors.

Pastors Grete and Flemming Petterson, Fredericia City Church, Denmark (Bykirken Fredericia, Denmark),

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