School of Ministry

Exciting news! Harvest of the Nations has successfully launched 2 online schools of ministry this year. The ministry has had many successful years of teaching at bible schools and church equipping schools where pastors, leaders and many believers from all over the world has been activated and released deeper into their destiny and calling. The online school has also proven to be successful in releasing the students who have graduated this year into a powerful walk of revival in their daily lives.
You can now register for the next online school of the Prophet sessions  that will start Sunday weekly from August 30th to October 4th taking place over 6 Sundays! This equipping school is  available online on zoom meetings at these times 8PM GMT+1,  3PM EST  and 12pm PST. Registration details are available at the end of this page or feel free to email or for your enquiries on how to register. We are living in days where the body of Christ need to discern the voice of God more than ever before. The school is for anyone wishing to grow in the prophetic ministry including seasoned prophetic ministers as well as hungry laid down lovers of Jesus wanting to grow more in hearing our Lord and following His voice. Please also send us a short email of your salvation experience and your walk with God.
Format of the School
The online school of ministry is  2 hours course in each session over zoom meetings that will include questions and answers at the end and a time of activation and impartation prayers. I  teach during each sessions and at the end the students will be free to ask questions. We will close with a time of impartation and prayers. Pastors, leaders and believers of all denomination are welcome to join this school
Homework will be given at the end of each class where I give feedback to each students.
These are the courses that are currently being taught below. All of these 6 schools/classes below will be taught weekly for 6 Sundays during your 6 weeks school at Harvest of the Nations Online School of Ministry.
– Prophetic evangelism
Learn how to walk in Prophetic Evangelism to release the kingdom in communities and nations
Effectively communicate God’s heart and the gospel to bring in the harvest
-Learn to Prophesy accurately and hear the voice of God
-Distinguishing between Soulish and Spirit Led Prophecies
– Learn the different realms and be activated in your prophetic call as
  • Prophetic intercessors
  • Nabi Prophets
  • Seer Prophets
  • Shamar Prophets/Prophetic Watchman
  • Prophetic Psalmists
  • Signs and Wonders Prophets
-Activating your Prophetic Call and Gift- There will be breakout sessions where students will be paired into group of twos and prophesy over each other.
-Understanding and activating your Prophetic Assignment
-Understanding and Partnering with the  Angelic Realm
The fee for the school is 73  pounds  which includes all the live sessions of the schools and the MP4 recordings of the live school after each school session!(in US dollars this will be approximately between 92 to 95 dollars, please note that dollar rate can change daily so please take this into consideration when making the fee amount for the school for 73 British pounds, we do have a UK registered paypal account that takes the payment in British pounds although the fee you pay will leave your account in your country currency).
Discount : There is an early bed discount of 10 percent if you register for the school by Wednesday 19th August which means the fee will be 65 pounds if registered by Wednesday 19th August.
An online Certificate of Completion will be given to those who complete the course!
To register, please click on the donate link below to pay the fee of  73 pounds or 65 pounds if you register by Wednesday August 19th. Make sure to type in the exact amount 73:00 or 65:00 pounds(depending on when you register) once you click on the donate button below( the equivalent amount in your country currency will be automatically debited from your account). When making the payment, please make a note on paypal that it is for ‘school of ministry’   Once payment is made, we will  send you an email  to welcome you as a student of the Harvest of the Nations School of Ministry and send you your zoom meeting details to join the school!

We look forward to having you!
School of Ministry
School of Ministry